Flannel’s a no-go for dipes

Well, I’ve given it a fair try, but flannel just won’t make it for diapers in my book. One set looks pretty good yet, a little pilly but not faded. The other set is both faded and pilly and just plain looks bad. There’s no way I’d put my business name on those dipes. What a bummer, I love flannel’s softess and bright colors, but it just doesn’t wear well enough for me.

It’s great for wipes though! I wanted to make some wipes to stock, so Teacher and I went to the fabric store on Sat for one type of flannel to get me started. It turns out flannel was on sale, and Teacher got into the hunt, picking out six or seven different prints for me! I also got some of the nice thick terry/velour that I like to use with the flannel. It was our lucky day – the terry/velour was on sale too, and some of the flannels had so little left on the bolt I got the remnant at 75% off! We went back on Sunday for a zebra striped flannel my hubby saw on Saturday. I got a brainstorm Sunday morning and realized that the zebra print would be perfect for freebie wipes once the tie-dye ones are gone. I love fabric shopping!!

Amy Sue

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