I made a Mei Tai… and a matching diaper bag!

I’m so happy – I finally had a chance to sew for myself! I took the week between Christmas and New Year off from the daycare and decided that was the time to sew my new diaper bag and Mei Tai.

It took me a whole day to do the MT (Mei Tai) – because of interruptions and because I was making up the pattern. I’d taken ideas from a couple of different online patterns and MTs I’d seen for sale on a few sites to come up with my own MT. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I used 3 layers in the construction so the places where the straps are sewn on wouldn’t show. I also added bamboo velour to the inside where Little Guy’s head would be, and did the bottom strap as one long piece. The only thing I’d change is to add a pocket in the inside that I could stuff the MT into when I’m not using it. I plan to make a bag with the wavy fabric for this one, and try a pocket on the next one.

Mei Tai Front

Mei Tai Front

Front and Back – with bamboo velour

The diaper bag took two days, but if I’d had a whole day to sew and had a pattern with directions I could have done it in one day. To make the patern I searched out directions for backpacks and looked at lots and lots of diaper bags for detail and accessory ideas. I wanted a backpack style like the one I was replacing, but since we usually slung the bag from one shoulder I decided to do a single strap instead of the traditional two. I think it turned out great! I did a drawstring closure at the top, and still need to get a magnetic snap for the flap.

Bag Front

Bag Strap

Front and Back – the strap has touchtape to make it adjustable

Bag Inside

Inside… yep, I accidentally did the lining with the zebras upside-down. Oops!

I made matching accessories too: A changing pad with sherpa inside – it’s supposed to tie shut with a black ribbon, but I can’t find it.. A wet bag – the zipper turned out so awesome that I had to take a close-up of it, and A wipes case that will also get a black bow decoration when I find that ribbon.

Bag Zipper
I’m planning to add MTs to my product line in the future, but am still deciding about the bag. It was fun to make, but was realy labor-intensive too.

I’m going to list all the patterns and directions that I found during my search in my Make Your Own… resources when I have time.

Amy Sue

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