Java Jumpers

Java Jumper

I first met Rachel of Threebies Knits in 2007 when we were the “new kids on the block” at Lily Pad Landing. She knit amazing longies, shorties, and soakers to use with cloth diapers. Even though I didn’t use wool on the boys I drooled at her awesome knitting and gorgeous colorways.

A couple of years ago she started making Java Jumpers. At the time I wasn’t as big a coffee drinker as I am now, but I’d been drooling over her knits for so long that I just couldn’t resist; I got one in the “Lily Pad Landing” colorway pictured on the bottom for myself and one in primary colors the one on the top for Teacher.

Since that day my Java Jumper has become one of My Favorite Things. My cappuccinos and macchiatos usually aren’t too hot, but Teacher’s Americanos are scorching! I can’t hold his cup without a Java Jumper or gloves. Since I get weird looks when I wear gloves in the summer I opt for the Java Jumper.

I keep them folded in my coat pocket or the bottom of my purse so they’re always ready when we need them. They make great gifts too – just tuck a Jo to Go or Starbucks card inside and you’re done!

What are some of your Favorite Things?

Amy Sue

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