A Few Jay & Dee Wedding Photos

Jay and Dee in ChurchI’ll admit right off the bat that I don’t have many photos from Uncle Jay and Aunt Dee’s wedding. I snagged this one from Facebook – don’t tell!

Since I was just the future sister-in-law I didn’t feel comfortable playing paparazzi like I usually do, and I wasn’t sure what Dee would think of my taking a ton of photos. I certainly didn’t want to upset my future sister-in-law on her wedding day, so I decided to leave the photography to Aunt Elle, who’d been asked to be official wedding photographer.

And to be honest, the other reason I didn’t take many photos is because my camera was accidentally locked in the bridesmaids’ dressing room which wasn’t unlocked until we left for the reception. I can’t imagine that one of Dee or Jay’s wedding guests would rifle through our personal belongings, but the church-provided wedding coordinator insisted on locking the door; probably just the church’s CYA policy.

I did manage to get one good photo before the wedding…

Dee Looking in MirrorI love this photo of Dee getting ready for the wedding with her mother in the background.

Family PhotoShhhh, I snagged this one from Facebook too. It never seems like there are so many of us when we’re together but when I see a photo of us I’m always surprised by how big our family is. I love it!

Elle did such a great job with the photo I wish we’d asked her to do Princess and Cowboy’s wedding photos! Hopefully I’ll get some more photos from Jay and Dee’s wedding to post, but first I have to remember to ask her.

Jay & Dee in CarTeacher happened to pull up to a stoplight next to Jay and Dee after the wedding. They look just a little bit thrilled, don’t they?

I’ve got some photos from the reception to post too, after I’ve edited them. I let Jo-Bear have my camera for most of the night so watch for some really interesting ones!

To be continued…
Amy Sue

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  1. I *love* your tones – they’re so dreamy. looks great!

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