Mermaid Appliqué Overalls

Mermaid Appliqué - Mermaid Face DetailA couple of years ago I appliquéd a pair of overalls for a friend’s little girl, took photos of them, shipped them off, then forgot to post the photos. Yeah, I’m an airhead that way sometimes – I blame it on “Mommy Brain.”

When I came across the photos the other day I decided to post them. After all, “Better Late than Never” has been my M.O. since Little Guy was born.


Mermaid Appliqué - Overalls FrontAt the time I wasn’t making anything except diapers so I really enjoyed the opportunity to make something else. Besides, it had been years and years and years since Princess and Angel Face were young enough to want me to sew for them, so it was nice to sew for a little girl again.


Mermaid Appliqué - Overalls BackIt was kind of a PITB to stitch through all the layers of denim at the seams and pockets but the end result was definitely worth it.


Mermaid Appliqué - Octopus Face I had fun digging through my craft supplies for pearls, ribbons and flowers to add a little something “extra” to the design. I was able to do the octopus’ face with the machine, but I knew that the mermaid would look like she’d run into an ax murderer if I tried to do her face on the machine.


Mermaid Appliqué - Mermaid's FaceMy mom offered to embroider the face by hand, and since she likes hand embroidery more than I do I “let” her do it for me. Thanks mom!!


Someday when I’ve got time to regularly haunt my local consignment shops I’d like to upcycle clothing with appliqué, but right now I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy!


Thanks for reading; your comments are eagerly anticipated and hugely appreciated!

Amy Sue


  1. These overalls are gorgeous! My little girl is very into mermaids right now. I even got her to eat spinach by telling her it was seaweed and that mermaids LOVE seaweed! haha Anyway, I would definitely buy something like these. You did an excellent job and with 6 children I definitely believe in the “better late than never” concept! 🙂

    • Hi Kaylee,

      What a clever way to get your daughter to eat seaweed! Are you familiar with the Charlie and Lola book “I will Never, Not Ever, Eat a Tomato”? Your story reminds me of that book. If you don’t know it you may want to see if your library has it – I think you’ll appreciate the humor.

      Thanks for taking time to comment!
      ~Amy Sue

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