10 Things I’ve Never Done

10 Things I've Never Done

1. I’ve never jumped off anything higher than the monkey bars.

Actually, I’m not sure I’ve even jumped off those; I’m not a big fan of heights.

2. I’ve never lived alone.

I lived with my family until I went to college, then I had a roommate, then a second roommate I had more in common with *waves to Patty* then I got married. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I’d lived alone between college and marriage, but I wouldn’t give up a day with Teacher to find out.

3. I have never visited Ireland.

Or Venice, Scotland, New Zealand, England, Mexico, Maine, Washington, Colorado. Or any of the other states and countries I’d love to see someday. Someday…

4. I have never broken a bone.

I’d never had surgery either, until a couple of years ago. And I’d like to keep it that way.

5. I have never ridden a horse well.

In high school I got to ride my first horse. I was doing OK until she took off across a cornfield with me hanging on for dear life. I haven’t felt the urge to get on a horse again since.

6. I’ve never gone to jail.

Except for our 8th grade field trip and I don’t think that counts.

Oooh, oooh – I do have a favorite quote about jail: “A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying…’Dang, that was fun!'”

7. I’ve never run a marathon.

Or even a half-marathon, although Teacher and I walked our third half-marathon this past September. I was a sprinter in high school but have never been fond of long-distance running. It’s a lot of work.

8. I’ve never slept on the couch, or made Teacher sleep on the couch.

Not that I didn’t try when we were first married; I just wasn’t successful. I think that’s partly why our marriage is so strong.

9. I have never done drugs.

Seriously. I can look my children straight in the eye and tell them that I’ve never done drugs. Not every parent can do that. I’m proud that I can.

10. I’ve never found balance in my life.

I’m like the plate spinner at the circus: I focus on one aspect of life until another starts to wobble, then I pour my efforts into that one until the next one threatens to crash. Someday I’ll find balance… I hope!


Thanks to my good friend, Cricket, for thinking up this blogging challenge; it was fun, and made me think at the same time.

How about you; what are 10 things you’ve never done? Post your list and leave a comment below with a link to your blog!

Amy Sue

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks on Flickr; edited by me. Reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0.


  1. Hi Amy! I’m not sure how I ended up here reading about Teacher’s secret recipes and so on, but I felt obligated to just drop a msg and say what a cozy blog you have here!

    Having said that, I also couldn’t help but comment on #10 on your list.

    There’s an old saying in japan: ?????????????????????????????

    Which sort of means…if you’re happy as can be with your life, then you’ve found the perfect balance.


  2. You’re blog doesn’t handle Japanese text well it seems! 😛

    • Shichiro,

      Sorry about that; I’ll have to look into it. I like that saying and am going to copy it someplace I can see it often. It’s easy to be dragged into the everyday To Do and forget to look up and be happy with what you’ve got. Thanks for the reminder!

      ~Amy Sue

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