@#*&@^ Chipmunk!!

My first thought the next morning was, “I hope the chipmunk is in the trap!” then, “Uh-oh, if it is I hope the cats didn’t get it!” But there was no reason to worry; the cage was empty. Not only that, all the almonds that weren’t covered with peanut butter were gone! @#*&@^%# chipmunk!

We were too busy to do anything more with the cage so that night I went to bed hoping the sticky peanut butter would keep the chipmunk busy long enough for the trap to spring. No such luck: the next morning the peanut butter glob was pushed aside and all the almonds that had been stuck under the peanut butter were gone. @#*&@^%# chipmunk!!

Princess told Cowboy about the disappearing almonds and he came over to adjust the trap, leaving the peanut butter as bait. But that @#*&@^%# chipmunk is either too light for the trap or too smart for us – he took the glob of peanut butter without springing the trap!

Meanwhile the cats stroll around the house, totally unconcerned about the varmint living under their noses. They are more worried when there’s the tiniest bit of bowl showing underneath their food- following us around meowing and pawing at our legs. I told them if they were hungry they should go eat the chipmunk, but they just ignored me. Personally I think that @#*&@^%# chipmunk is eating the cats’ food and drinking out of their water dish!

So yesterday we bought a smaller trap. I made sure all the almonds were firmly stuck to the Tupperware lid with peanut butter. Princess swapped it out for the bigger one, and set it to go off at the slightest jiggle We were sure to get him this time!

When we checked this morning the trap was still set; empty of both chipmunk AND almonds, although the glob of peanut butter is still there.

Empty Cage

@#*&@^%# Chipmunk!

Amy Sue


  1. Amy, would you like to borrow our dog Katie. She is a 6 yr old Golden Retriever/Husky mix and spends her days chasing squirrels and CHIPMUNKS. In fact, this morning, she caught one of the little devils. Of course, she is not very friendly to cats but she is a wimp as she usually runs from the cats.

  2. I would LOVE to borrow your Katie to flush that thing out. I asked my stylist to borrow her dog, but she said he’s too big a chicken. :oP

    We reset the trap and smeared the PB directly on the bait pan – hopefully this time it’ll work!

    ~Amy Sue

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