Mystery Photos – Again

I like to keep my camera on the kitchen counter so I can grab it at a moment’s notice. You never know when one of the kids will do something incredibly cute – or incredibly embarrassing – that I’ll want to capture in full digital color.

Of course this means that the camera sometimes falls into the wrong hands.

Sneaky hands that put it back before I know it’s missing.


Mystery Photo - CupboardBut somehow I always find out…

The Mystery Photographer strikes again! I wonder he’ll take photos of this time?


Mystery Photo - CupboardMy laptop… Facebook… naptime?

I plead the Fifth!


Mystery Photo - CupboardStill life: “Crackers on Counter.”


Mystery Photo - CupboardModern art: “Crackers on Counter.”


Mystery Photo - CupboardAh ha – the Mystery Photographer is unveiled. Hi Little Guy!

Hey, next time ASK before you use mamas camera, ‘K?

Amy Sue

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