My Zany Zebra contact form seems to be hit by spam in cycles. For a while I won’t get any, then all of a sudden I’ll get a ton. Apparently I’m in another spam-me cycle because this morning when I checked my Inbox I had messages from:

Buffy Cuffy Bink Cuffy Margaret Bitsy Jerry Bink Alice Win Wog Topsy Bridget Pat Bunny Jerry Skip Win Missy and Bunny.

Since they all arrived in a 3 minute period I was fairly certain they were spam, but I checked a couple just to make sure. Then deleted them al – so long suckers!

I wonder when the next wave will hit, and what names they’ll use next time…

Amy Sue

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  1. Hi, i found your site from sum where and then a forum ..haha o’ well i saw the comment section and read your comment about spam, well if you know how you need to put a capcha on the form , one of those thing where you have to identify the characters, spam bots cant read these very well so no more spam… unless you like spam…haha


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