10 Ways to MOVE in March

10 Ways to Move in MarchWay back in January I applied to participate in the USDA’s Wellness Grant to improve the health of children in child care programs through better nutrition and increased physical activity.

I believe I do a good job as far as nutrition and weekly menus go, but feel I need to improve on the physical activity side of things.

I also feel strongly that it’s important for parents to be aware of how important good nutrition and physical activity are. Part of my Quality Improvement Plan is to offer information to the parents about nutrition and physical activity so they can work in improving their whole family’s health at home.

And guess what – YOU get to participate too! I can see that you’re thrilled; try not to wet your pants with excitement.

Since My Happy Crazy Life is a random eclectic collection of what’s going on in my mind, I’ll be sharing resources, strategies, frustrations, triumphs, etc, as they occur.

Ready or not, here we go!


10 Ways to MOVE in March

  1. Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt and collect something for each color of the rainbow.
  2. Crawl through a tunnel made from large boxes and tape.
  3. Play follow the leader outside. Let your child take a turn as the leader and see if you can keep up!
  4. Take a walk in the rain, making sure to jump and stomp in every puddle you see.
  5. Act out a favorite nursery rhyme, fairy tale or story; the more action the better!
  6. Stick a line of masking tape on the carpet to practice balancing.
  7. Play animal charades. See who can make the most realistic animal movements and sounds.
  8. Set up an indoors obstacle course: under the table, over the cushions on the floor, around the recliner…
  9. Play a copy-cat game where one of you does a motion and the other copies.
  10. Put on some fast music and dance the Wild Rumpus after reading “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.


Wasn’t that fun?

Now it’s your turn…

Another way to move in March is ________________
YOU fill in the blank – post below!

Amy Sue
Photo credit: rhofonphoto at Flickr


  1. play red light green light on a walk incorporate running, skipping, hopping etc……….

  2. Hoe a row in your garden and plant something yummy to eat. 🙂

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