Best Eczema Cream Ever

Best Eczema CreamRelax Naturals has the best eczema cream ever. And I should know because I’ve been fighting eczema flare-ups since I was a teen.

Yes, I have other goodies besides the Eczema Cream – I’ll get to those too, don’t you worry.


Anyway, back on topic…
For many months I’ve been battling an eczema flare-up all over the palms of my hands.

This is about the worst place for me to have a flare-up because I wash my hands about a gazillion times every day, and as anyone with eczema knows; frequent washing makes eczema worse.

Much worse.

My hands hurt.

My hands itch.

My hands bother me while I’m sleeping and I end up scratching them so hard it wakes me up.

Simply put – eczema sucks.


I’ve tried a ton of products, both over-the-counter and prescription, but so far nothing has done the trick. Along the way I’ve learned a couple of things about my eczema: petroleum-based lotion causes more flare-ups, organic lotion helps it get better, and coconut oil is the most beneficial.

Unfortunately, coconut oil isn’t very user-friendly; it may look like a solid in the jar but the moment it touches your skin it melts like butter on a hot griddle.

Remember covering yourself with baby oil to get a great tan and not being able to touch anything because the oil would get all over everything? Coconut oil is like that too.

Not being able to touch anything doesn’t work well for moms and child care providers. Or pretty much anyone who can’t douse their hands with coconut oil then spend the day on the couch watching soaps and eating bon-bons.


Relax Naturals to the rescue!

I first discovered Rikki and Relax Naturals when I was looking for a natural deodorant that really works.

Since that day I refuse to use any other deodorant, so when my favorite scent Ginger Lime got low I visited Rikki’s shop to order some more. Of course I browsed around while I was there, and noticed Creamy Coconut Body Butter. I messaged Rikki to see if it would be good for eczema, and she said it would be, but she had something even better… a cream specifically created for eczema!

Happy dance!


Best Eczema Cream - Ezcema Cream ContainerAnd here it is – the best ezcema cream ever!

It’s light, creamy, and looks so much like whipped buttercream frosting that I have to stop myself from scooping some out and eating it! It’s so moisturizing that I only have to use a pea-size amount, and it absorbs without leaving a greasy feeling on my hands. Lavender essential oil provides a soothing scent, and apparently is also good for many skin conditions including eczema.

Best of all, the eczema on my hands isn’t flaring up as badly as before, and is actually starting to go away.

Once again, Rikki and Relax Naturals Rocks!


Ready to find out what the other goodies are?



OK, you’re right – it is silly to have you guess when I already said I was ordering more deodorant and the tissue-wrapped package says “Soap” on it.

But you don’t know what KIND of soap it is, so guess!





Best Eczema Cream - Soap TooOK, if no-one wants to play I’ll just have to tell you. It’s Rainbow Shimmer Fruity Rings soap.

The listing claims that it smells like Froot Loops Fruity Rings cereal but I think it smells better. It has a light, crisp citrus scent, without the cloying sweet smell that the cereal has.

The only problem is that it’s so pretty I don’t want anyone to use it!

Amy Sue


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  2. I’ve had good experiences with coconut oil, but you’re right about not being able to touch anything! I’m currently using African Shea Butter for my eczema, and it really helps lessen the flares! However, I think eating a clean eczema free diet is important too! 🙂 good luck on your eczema journey!

    • Christina,

      I’ll have to try the African Shea Butter too. What kind of eczema free diet do you follow? (Please don’t tell me it’s dairy-free!) I’ve had a couple of flare-ups on my face this winter that have made me so miserable I’m almost ready to consider giving up dairy.

      Thanks for commenting and for the Shea Butter tip!
      ~Amy Sue

  3. Amy,

    I was following The Flawless Program 30-day plan for my eczema 🙂 The program isn’t necessarily dairy free–it more focuses on helping you find out what your particular eczema triggers are and healing your body so you don’t have re-occurring eczema. For me it was dairy, gluten, and weirdly, birth control! But for other people it could be other things. During the 30 days you’re given a step-by-step program to follow that helps you heal your immune system and clear your skin.

    After the 30 days (when your immune system is healed) you can slowly add different things back in. During the program I couldn’t even eat yogurt without flaring, but now I can go back to eating hard cheeses, greek yogurt, lactose-free kefir, and goat yogurt/cheeses 😀

    Haha. I feel for you, I was in the exact same boat…at the time I was in Paris and my eczema flared up like crazy! It was soooo hard to give up dairy in the land of cream and cheese! But when I did I saw a massive improvement just 2 weeks into the program my skin started to clear. It is hard in the beginning, but at the cost of having clear skin, it’s worth it! 😀

    Good luck and hope things get better for you!


    • Christina,

      Thanks so much for the information! I’ve heard that food allergies or intolerances could trigger eczema and have considered trying to see if that applied to me, but then I realized that I wasn’t about to give up dairy or gluten if those were the culprits so I haven’t pursued it yet.

      I had a couple of really bad flare-ups – on my face of all places – this winter, and discovered it was due to dry air and the extreme cold. I switched to a super-moisturizing cream and ran the humidifier at night and that helped.

      You’ve got me curious about the Flawless Program though, I’m going to check it out. Thanks!

      ~Amy Sue

      • Hi!
        It’s been so long I hope you see this!
        I was wondering if you ever did end up trying the Flawless Program Christina recommended?
        If you did, could you tell me how it went?


        • Hi Virginia,

          I did read through the Flawless program but my eczema cleared up on its own when I started using only organic lotion so I wasn’t able to try the program.

          Thanks for asking,
          ~Amy Sue

  4. I just want to say thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information, I have been searching for a cure for my dermatitis eczema for a while but everything I found did not work.

  5. I have tried to get to the eczema cream tjhru your, links but ,it says…oops link is broken. Are they still in ,business? Please let me know. I am desperate to find something to help my hands.

    • Hi Doris,

      I’m afraid Rikki closed her shop. I knew she was contemplating closing, but didn’t realize she had until I saw your comment. 🙁

      I’ve had good luck with Nature’s Gate organic lotion – unscented or colloidal oatmeal. I use it every time my hands get wet, plus in between, and haven’t had a flare up for over a year. (I’ve also cut down on stress, which probably helps too.)

      I hope the Nature’s Gate helps you too!
      ~Amy Sue

  6. Amy Sue, Thanks so much for replying. I will look up Nature’s Gate and pray it helps.

    • Doris,

      I’ve also used Desert Essence Organics almond lotion on my body and it helped clear up the spots on my legs. It doesn’t have a pump dispenser so I don’t use it on my hands as often, but it’s richer than the Nature’s Gate so it may help too.

      I really hope you find something that works – I know how painful exczema can be.

      ~Amy Sue

  7. Just reading the comments…that is too bad that Rikki closed her shop. I’m always on the lookout on reviewing and researching organic lotions.

    I will be on the pickup for Nature’s Gate Organic lotion and Desert Essence almond lotion as you mentioned.

    Let me know of other recommendations.

    Thanks so much!

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