Doctor day today

Little Guy went to the doctor for his four month check-up today. He was such a cutie, smiling his wide-open-mouth at Shannon and all the nurses! He’s doing great – 75% in weight and height. Yea for Mommy Milk! Shannon raved over how well he’s doing, what a cutie he is, how he was smiling and talking to her, etc. It’s always great to see Shannon because she has such a positive attitude. Here’s a photo I snapped after the appointment…

Isaiah 01-25-07

In other doctor news, my grandma (Mom’s mom) is going in to have a lump in her breast checked out. We don’t have a history of breast cancer, but it’s still scary. My mom says that she doesn’t think Grandma will do anything about it since she’s 87 and has been preparing to join Grandpa for several years. I’m hoping that won’t happen for a while yet! She’s still in good health, has good energy and makes sense most of the time, LOL. We’ll have to wait and see what the tests show.

I finished the LilyPad Landing diapers last night. Teacher held Little Guy for an hour and a half so I could get them done. I had to rush to get them posted this morning because of the doctor appointment – note to self: next time don’t make it on a Thursday morning! Today I plan to work on Miriam’s order, most of the appliques are done so my goal is to finish the other appliques. Hopefully I can start the new orders on Monday!

Amy Sue

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