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Works for Me Wednesday is an idea I borrowed from another blog. Actually since I’m not giving it back I guess you could say I stole the idea. On Wednesdays I’ll post tips, tricks, and miscellaneous things that work for me. Hopefully some of them will work for you too!
Easter 2007
It all started when College Boy was a little tyke. In college Teacher and I sang in the Kantorei (AKA The choir that sings in church on Sunday) so we had to be at church EARLY every Easter morning. This posed a problem for us sleep-deprived college students-slash-parents. Unlike Christmas presents that can safely wait under the tree indefinitely, hardboiled Easter eggs don’t do so well sitting at room temperature overnight. At least, not if you plan to eat them later as we always do.

The Easter Bunny, being a smart little rabbit and knowing how crabby we are when we don’t get enough sleep, decided to take matters into his own hands. He started visiting our house during the day Saturday instead of in the middle of the night. He’s pretty sneaky too – he can hide all the decorated Easter eggs, fill and hide the Easter baskets, and disappear down the street before anyone sees him. Once or twice we’ve hear him hopping through the house – it’s amazing how loud this little bunny is – but we’ve never managed to catch a glimpse of him. One year we came running through the house just as the front door slammed shut and almost caught him, but by the time we opened the door he was gone.

When College Boy, Princess and Angel Face were young he liked to visit while they were taking a bath or getting ready for bed. Sometimes he’s come when the kids were outside playing, or at their friends’ houses. In recent years he’s visited while the girls were giving Z-Man a bath upstairs and the older boys were playing PlayStation in the basement. Last year he sneaked in while we were all out eating dinner. We never figured out how he got through the locked doors – the kids say it was Bunny Magic.

Teacher and I love having the Easter Bunny come on Saturday instead of Sunday! We watch the kids hunt for eggs, explore the goodies in their baskets, and play with their new toys without having to worry about being late for church. And having the Easter Bunny goodies on Saturday helps us all focus on Easter joy instead of chocolate bunnies on Sunday morning. It’s also funny to watch people at church ask the kids if the Easter Bunny visited them “today” and see their reaction when the kids say “No.” They give us a puzzled look until we explain that he comes on Saturday instead.

I often wonder if our kids will continue the Saturday Easter Bunny tradition as they grow up and have families of their own… or if their spouses will think our family is crazy and do Easter baskets Sunday morning like the rest of the world. I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.

Amy Sue

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  1. Easter egg hunt on Easter morning? Yeah, I don’t think I could do that…it’d be too weird. Not to mention that you then have to find the eggs before you can eat them.

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