Easy Summer Meal

It’s no secret that Teacher is the cook in our family – he likes to cook and really good at it – but when he’s gone it’s up to me to get us fed. My cooking may not be fancy, but it’s quick, easy, and usually yummy.

The other night I dusted off my grilling skills to make a deliciously simple summer meal. I think it took longer for the coals to be ready than it did to make the meal – that’s my kind of cooking!


Easy Meal - SaladFirst I threw together a salad of organic spring greens we buy it in 5 lb boxes in our grocery store with yellow, orange and red heirloom tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market. There’s nothing yummier than home-grown heirloom tomatoes!


Easy Meal - CornWhen the coals were hot I grilled fresh corn on the cob – also from the Farmer’s Market. I cooked each side until it was golden yellow with touches of brown. It only took a few minutes for each side. When the corn was done I put it on a platter and covered it to keep it warm while the chicken cooked.


Easy Meal - Chicken BreastThen it was time to grill the boneless, skinless chicken breast. Our chicken was thoroughly defrosted so I just salted and peppered each side, then tossed it on the grill. After about five minutes I turned it over, added barbecue sauce to the cooked side, and let it grill for another 5 minutes. I’m always paranoid about undercooked chicken so I cut into the thickest piece to see if it was done. It was still a little pink so I let it cook for another minute, then turned it over again and put barbecue sauce on the naked side. I let each side sizzle a little before pulling the chicken off the grill. I let it go a little too long and the sauce on my piece burned. Oops! I covered the platter to help keep the heat in and ensure the chicken would be totally cooked.


Easy Meal - PlateDoesn’t that look yummy? Add a slice of whole wheat bread for some healthy carbs… Let’s eat!

So easy.

So quick.

So delicious!

Amy Sue


  1. And, of course the cookie bars I made for dessert that didn’t even last till midnight.

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