Happy serger day to me!

I have a new toy – a Huskylock serger, and it ROCKS! I hadn’t planned to get a serger yet, it was on my “someday” wish list, but here’s what happened:

Several years ago Teacher decided I needed a digital camera. I thought he was nuts because I had a point-n-shoot 35 mm that I loved, but let him get the digital anyway. I quickly decided he was right and happily gave up the 35 mm for the digital. Then a few months ago he wanted to buy me a new digital camera with some of our tax refund – he thought I needed a better camera for both Zany Zebra and the child care business. I still loved my old digital, but had learned my lesson the first time and didn’t argue. Was he right!! I’m totally in love with my new camera and wouldn’t give it up for anything!

The old camera I planned to list on Ebay and hopefully make some money. Before I could list it my Dad asked if he could buy it for his clock repair business. He takes photos of the clocks before he works on them to make it easier to put them back together correctly. That was fine with me, I just didn’t know how much to ask. If it hadn’t been for the business I wouldn’t have let him pay me, but because I own two businesses myself I know that you need expenses to help with taxes!

Dad offered me half of what we paid, which my hubby and I both thought was too high so I searched Ebay but didn’t find the exact camera listed. Eventually we found a couple of sites with the exact camera, and they were going for more than half of retail. The same weekend I had to take my sewing machine in for an overdue cleaning and tune-up. They usually don’t have used sergers, but I ask when I’m there anyway. This time they had one – for just a little more than the amount Dad was going to give me for the camera!! I couldn’t believe my good luck!

I brought it home last Friday, started playing with it Saturday, and am totally in love with it! I keep thinking of new things to serge – wipes, soakers, doublers, inserts, placemats and napkins for Christmas gifts, dipes from the Cuddlebuns pattern for Squirt (the new baby), etc, etc, etc.

You know where to find me from now on… behind the serger, lololol!

Amy Sue

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