Homemade Mother’s Day Card – 2011

Mother’s Day caught me off-guard this year. All of a sudden on Tuesday I realized that since I was closed on Thursday and Friday I had to have a homemade Mother’s Day card and gift ready to send home on Wednesday.



Homemade Mother's Day Card 2011 - ClosedI scoured my files and found the perfect homemade Mother’s Day card: a ladybug with wings that opened and closed, and a cutesy but not-too-cheesy poem.

Aren’t they adorable?!

G has been obsessed with ladybugs – or ” ‘ady buds” as she calls them – since last fall, so when I saw the ladybug card idea I knew I’d found this year’s homemade Mother’s Day card!


Homemade Mother's Day Card 2011 - OpenThe original idea came from The Mailbox magazine – my favorite curriculum resource – but of course I put my own twist on it.

Instead of just copying the ladybug outline with text on a piece of paper and having the children make and add the wings, I cut out the ladybug body, typed up the text, and cut it into squares so the children could glue each component on the card themselves.

The rest of the directions I followed without change: I had each child paint fingerprint “spots” on the wings, then helped them attach the wings to the ladybug body with a brad when the paint was dry.


When we do our unit on bugs and insects I think we’ll make them again, but instead of background paper we’ll put them on tongue depressors to make ladybug puppets.

I can’t wait to see what G does with her ” ‘ady bud” puppet!


Did you make or receive a homemade Mother’s Day card this year? Tell me about it!
Amy Sue


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  1. Love it! At Mad’s birthday party we made caterpillars on tongue depressors (or “tongue press” as we have heard since). Fuzzy pom poms, pipe cleaners and glue dots. Voila (or, as I seem to read a lot lately, wah-la).

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  3. This is too cute! I’m going to make one for my son’s 2nd grade teacher for her thank you card. She is crazy for ladybugs!!

    • Kat,

      Thanks! I thought they were really cute too. Except I hung mine from Little Guy on the refrigerator and he keeps turning the wings all the way off the body and dancing around singing “Naked ladybug, naked ladybug!” LOL!

      I’m sure your son’s teacher will love it!

      Thanks for commenting,
      ~Amy Sue

  4. Hello Amy Sue! We would like to feature this in our blog, on a post entitled, “Creative Handmade Mother’s Day Cards”. Can we use a photo to show what it looks like and a link to the tutorial? Thanks!

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