The Magic of M&Ms


Z-Man was running in circles around the kitchen and being an experienced Mom I know what that means.

Time to go potty!
I don’t have to go.

Go potty before you have an accident.
I don’t have to go potty!

Go quick before I eat all the M&Ms…

2 sec later…
I have to go potty!

Slap, slap, slap! Bare feet dash across the floor.
Click, the bathroom door opens.
Crash! the potty lid goes up.

Singing, I tinkle in the potty, I tinkle in the potty!

Woo hoo, good job sweetie!
I get M&Ms now?

Yup! Here ya go…
Big grin, Mmmmm….

Amy Sue

Photo Credit: M&Ms by Morten Oddvik. CC BY 2.0.

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