End of Vacation – One Last Beach Walk

Our last day in Grand Haven arrived too quickly. We’d had a whirlwind weekend of favorite food, time at the beach, playing backyard games, and too much sugar, but sadly it was time to go home.


Walking BeachAngel Face had wanted to walk to the famous Grand Haven light house before going home so after church we headed for the beach.


Kids Walking Along the Beach Usually the State Park beach is notoriously crowded, but it’s not too bad on a Sunday morning. It was so gorgeous we had to have one last walk in the sand.


Teacher Waiting for Little GuyThere’s the light house: one of my very favorite sights in the whole world.


Little Guy's Bare FeetWalking along the wet sand with the waves sliding in and out is so calming. I love living in Wisconsin but really, really miss living by the lake.


Angel Face Wading“Smile, Angel Face!” She loves the beach too. Unfortunately her wading started trouble…


Little Guy's Bare Feet“Hey, Little Guy, do you see the boat? Little Guy?

Awww, honey, you weren’t supposed to go so deep; you’re not in your swim suit!”


Jo-Bear by Big RocksFinally we arrived at the light house – some of us wetter than others. From a distance you can’t tell how huge these boulders are, but once Jo-Bear stands by them it’s obvious. I wonder how they moved these rocks in the 1830s without the equipment we have today.


Memorial Marker

Right after I took this photo Angel Face stole my camera, so I claim no responsibility for the following photos. Of course, I don’t take responsibility for anything I don’t have to.


CatwalkThe catwalk fascinates me. I can’t imagine how scary it would be to fight your way across it during a storm. I can’t imagine waves so high they’d wash you off the catwalk, but I’d love to see it sometime…. from a safe distance, of course.


Channel ViewThe view across the channel…


Beach ViewThe beach we walked to get here…


Walking to the Light HouseIt’s a long but beautiful walk to the end of the pier.

There’s a good reason I don’t look at the back view when I get dressed in the morning. Gah!


Light HouseAlmost there! Have I said how much I love the light house?


Light House - Upward AngleAnother light house photo – cool angle, Angel Face!


Sign in SpanishLooking off the end of the pier towards Wisconsin.

“Hello house across the lake, did you miss us? We’ll be home later tonight.”


Across the LakeFirst in a series of photos… subject: Angel Face’s Feet.


BeachSince the kids have been taking Spanish since grade school they get excited when they find things written in Spanish. Teacher and I always keep our eyes open for things to have them translate.



Looking into the cool water, hearing the waves and seagulls, smelling the fresh lake air is all so relaxing. I dream of someday having a house on the lake…


Light House PhotoAnother very cool photo of the light house. I never get tired of looking at the light house…


Angel Face's Feet AgainNumber Two in the series of Photos of Angel Face’s Feet.


Back to the BeachTime to head back – we’ve to a long drive ahead of us yet.


Angel Face's Feet AgainNumber Three in the Angel Face’s Feet series. I think she’s obsessed with her feet.


Boys WadingThere’s a fine line between wading and swimming and I think the boys are getting very close to crossing it.


Kids in the WaterThere they go across the line! I can’t get too upset with them; if I was a kid I’d have been soaked head to toe by now. It’s just too nice a day not to get wet!

Luckily I have one last clean outfit for each of them.


Jo-BearMy Jo-Bear. Somehow I didn’t notice how grown-up he’s getting until now.

“Come on guys, we still need to get downtown for Angel Face’s shirt!”


To be continued…
Amy Sue

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