5 Eco-friendly Ways to Clean Your House


Today guest author Alyssa Winters shares some eco-friendly ways to clean your house. Take it away Alyssa… The house is a structure that is composed of several areas and parts serving a specific function. This structure usually serves as a place for gathering for family and friends. The majority of…

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What Food Expiration Dates Really Mean

Nobody wants to eat old yucky food, but sometimes expiration dates are taken too literally and money is wasted on food that didn’t need to be thrown away. Did you know that in the United States alone over $218 billion is spent every year on food that is thrown away…

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The Hard Facts About Bottled Water

Today I’d like to welcome a guest author who would like to share some information about bottled water. Guest John Hawthorne is a writer and entrepreneur from Canada. His humanitarian work includes writing regularly for relief group websites and teach others about environmental matters. He is always on the look…

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The Dirty Truth About Littering


The other day I received an email from David, owner of Cleaning Services Group in the UK. That’s the United Kingdom, if you didn’t know. He’s passionate about the disastrous effect littering has on our planet, and after reading his message I decided to help spread his message.   Did…

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Energy Conservation in the Home


As our children and grandchildren get older I think more and more about what kind of world will be left for them when my generation is gone. This infographic by guest author Philip LaRosa provides some tips for conserving energy in the home, which is good for the budget and…

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Aluminum Duct Tape Plant Markers

A couple of months ago I developed a new obsession: Pinterest. Ohmygoodness did I fall in love! Pinterest is all about pretty pictures and short descriptions – in other words it’s an ADOS girl’s dream. ADOS = Attention Deficit… Oh Shiny!   It wasn’t long before I had a nice…

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