Paper – One of the Most Recycled Products in the World

Growing up in the Fox Cities I’m very aware of the paper industry – there have been paper mills here since the late 1800s! Today guest author Chris from Colourfast in Canada has an infographic about paper recycling for us.

Sustainable use of paper is so important but luckily, we seem to be making good progress in this area. This infographic from Colourfast takes you through how much paper we recycle and everything you need to know about what paper can and cannot be recycled. In 2016, 67.2% of the paper consumed in the United States was recovered and this really is a pretty impressive statistic. The aim is to get that figure to 70% by 2020. Europe is also making great progress.

For whatever reason, we seem to be good at recycling paper and not so good at recycling glass, metal, and plastic. We really need to look into this as 2/3rds of all packaging material recovered for recycling is paper. What can we do to change that? Check out the infographic for more information on the progress we have made with paper recycling. It is of course encouraging but let’s not rest on our laurels and ensure we continue to improve.


Thanks Chris! We’re big into recycling at our house – I hope your information will encourage other families to recycle paper too.

Amy Sue

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