Homemade Cat Food


Do you ever get an idea in your head that you think you’ll never do, then the next thing you know you’re doing it? That’s how I started making homemade cat food. It all started when Jo-Bear told me “Mom, you should make your own cat food, Aunt Dee does…

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Double Trouble

It all started about a year ago when Jo-Bear was visiting his girlfriend, Yoopette. Her cat had a litter of kittens and Jo-Bear, who’s a HUGE animal-lover, fell in love with the kittens and begged for one. We already had Kippy, Murphy, Laelia, and Snickers, and were planning to get…

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Flooring Ideas

I’m the kind of person who has more ideas than time or money to see those ideas become reality. For instance, I’ve been thinking about how to redo the playroom floor. Not that we’re planning to do that anytime soon – first we need to finish redoing the kitchen and…

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I’m Dreaming of a Great Garden


I love gardening. There’s nothing better than planting little seedlings, and watching them grow into mature plants that produce delicious veggies for us. Unfortunately I’m not a very good gardener. My beets and carrots never grow. My pepper plants get huge but never produce any peppers. My tomatoes don’t appear…

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Goodbye My Murphy


Murphy died two days after Kippy. Unlike Kippy, who we knew was sick, Murphy’s death was unexpected. Sure, we knew that at 17 years old his days were numbered, but we didn’t expect him to go anytime soon. Also unlike Kippy, who hovered “on the brink” for a couple of…

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Goodbye Sweet Kippy


I’ve been putting off writing this post because it’s easier to write about happy things like grandchildren or things that aren’t emotional like Beauty Boxes, but it needs to be written. Our sweet kitty Kipling died about a month ago. At first we didn’t know Kippy was sick. I’d seen…

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Oh No – I Killed the Kitten!

When we got Kippy Angel Face was four – at that age where she was almost ready to give up naps but not quite. I was at that age where I was definitely NOT ready for her to give them up! Thinking I could bribe her into napping with the…

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Meet Punkin!


Guess what – I’m a grandma again! OK, I’ve been a grandma again for a while – 18 months or so – but I don’t feel guilty about not introducing you to Punkin earlier. When I announced Caesar Boy I felt guilty, but since then my perspective changed. I used…

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Desperately Seeking Millwork

Teacher and I love the 1920s floor we uncovered and by “we” I mean “he and Jonah”, but aren’t sure what kind of wood it is. I think it’s maple, but I have no reason to think that except it sounds like a nice kind of wood to me. One…

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