Another Easy Photo Ornament Gift Idea


Every year I have the child care kiddos make Christmas gifts for their parents, usually something “big” and a photo ornament. One year the photo ornaments were based on blank wood cut-outs but this time I went even simpler and started with a craft foam kit. True confession: I don’t…

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Easy Photo Ornament Gift for Parents

When College Boy was young he attended in-home childcare during the school year when I was teaching. One December he made a popsicle-stick ornament with his photo on it as a Christmas gift for us. I’ve treasured that ornament, and love putting it on the tree every year. Because I…

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Homemade Bird Feeder

At this time of year one of my favorite activities to do with the children is making homemade bird feeders. They’re a little messy but super easy, cheap, and the kids love to make them! All you need for this homemade bird feeder is empty toilet paper tubes, peanut butter,…

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Family Child Care Credential


Last December I reached a major milestone in my family child care career – I completed the Family Child Care Certificate from Fox Valley Technical College, and was awarded a Family Child Care Credential by the Registry. Because I teach the first two classes in the Credential – Curriculum for…

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The Headless Childcare Provider

All the stores have been stocking their shelves with Christmas since October and the grocery store had a Salvation Army bell-ringer before Halloween – what’s up with that? I refuse to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving, except for Toys for Tots. Cowboy is in the Marine Reserves, which helps out…

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Student Teachers


It was a hot, humid Friday nap time when I first met – and was totally intimidated by – my first student teacher, Miss N. Angel Face walked in the back door, “Mom, there’s someone here to see you.” Hot and sticky, in a tank top and cut-off jean shorts…

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Energy Outlets for Kids


Children are created to be in motion! A fundamental right of childhood is to move – to run, jump, climb and dance, yet children are confined in small spaces more and more. Instead of moving they sit, they watch, they wait, and wait, and wait – it’s no wonder they’re…

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Our New Regalo Cots

2015 10-16-regalo6

When I opened my child care in 1999 I had the children bring their own sleeping bags for nap time. It seemed like a good idea, but ended up being a huge hassle. The parents had to take them home to wash every Friday and didn’t always remember to bring…

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Homemade Mother’s Day Card 2015


Yes, I realize it’s 2016, not 2015. But just like the Mother’s Day Craft Keychains we made last year that I didn’t have time to write about, I didn’t have time to write about last year’s Mother’s Day cards either. But they were so cute I wanted to share them…

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