The 4 Basic Life Skills Every Teenager Needs to Know


Is your teenager ready for the real world? Sure, classroom knowledge has its place, but real-world knowledge is critical for success. And if your teen is like most adolescents, they’re not prepared. When it comes to using money wisely, an international study found that only 12 percent of teens got…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Summer 2017


Seeing as how my Winter Beauty Box is going to arrive any day now I figured I should probably post about the Summer 2017 one first. “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future…” Right? This time there were more things I loved than things I wasn’t thrilled with.…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Fall 2017


It’s here! My Winter 2018 Beauty Box arrived, and it is FABULOUS! But, before I show you all of those goodies I figured I should post about the Fall 2017 Beauty Box first. Fair is fair, right? The colors and design of this box really appeal to me, which is…

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Helping Your Teen Overcome and Cope with Stress

Between juggling school, homework, extracurricular activities and dating, you can certainly recall what it was like being a teenager. Indeed, it was a stressful time in your life. But now that you have a teenager of your own, you’ll want to impart some wisdom on your son or daughter to…

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Natural Light in Your Home

Today we welcome guest author Tane Clark, who is sharing an infographic about using natural light in our homes. The development of the light bulb by Thomas Edison was a significant moment in the history of the world and while artificial light can bring significant changes to a building and…

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Alarming Obesity Statistics 2017

Today’s guest post will share some scary facts about obesity in America with us. Obesity in America is growing at an incredibly scary rate. Obesity is now projected to reach as high as 50% of the US adult population. Obesity, with all its related diseases, could end up costing the…

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