T-Minus 24 and Counting


I took Friday off to prepare for the Anniversary Picnic. First order of business – getting my hair touched up! I’d gotten it done about 5 weeks ago and the color still looked fantastic, if you didn’t count the half inch of white and brown roots peeking out. My stylist…

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Planning an Anniversary Picnic


Shortly after Mom handed over her little red book aka her “List of Demands” I met Uncle Jay and Uncle Ike at Fazolis to go over her notes, start planning, and enjoy a little pasta. It didn’t take long for me to realize that planning this shindig was going to…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Summer 2016


My Walmart Summer Beauty Box arrived in the mail unexpectedly – what a great surprise! The box is a little smushed, but everything inside was just fine.   Teacher snickered at my excitement, “I don’t think of “beauty” when I think of Walmart.” Good point, but our budget is more…

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Target Beauty Box – June 2016


Guess what…   Princess scored us June Beauty Boxes from Target!   They look really great this monty – I can’t wait to dive in!   Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo “Concentrated hydrating formula gently cleanses and nourishes to instantly quench dry hair.” This smells amazing and makes my hair…

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Target Mens Beauty Box – June 2016


For Father’s Day I ordered Teacher the Target Men’s Beauty Box. Of course I couldn’t wait to give it to him, so he got it the same day it arrived at our house. He was so surprised! And pleased too, I think.   I think it should be named something…

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Solea Tequila Tasting Dinner – February 2015


Yes, I realize it’s June 2016, but life has been hectic. So hectic that I didn’t have time to edit photos earlier. So hectic that we haven’t made it to any Tequila dinners since this one. Now THAT’s busy!   A beautiful table is set up to showcase and offer…

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Three Tips for Cleaning Any Shower


Please welcome guest author, Will Tottle, who will be sharing tips for cleaning your shower with us. As always, the benefit I receive from guest authors is time saved. Home remedies, cleaning products, club soda: what is the best way to really clean your shower? Any search on the web…

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Target Beauty Box – May 2016


Hooray! It’s May and that means another Target Beauty Box arrived in the mail! This one was a bit more expensive than the previous two – $10 – but Princess says the samples are worth more. I’m not complaining either way, I’m just excited it arrived – and the day…

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Keys in Hand


My mom is one of the smartest people I know, and over the years I’ve learned a couple of things from her. Like: Always wear lipstick out of the house. When the sewing machine acts up, rethread it before trying anything else. “Pardon my French” excuses four-letter words. Hold your…

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Target Beauty Box – April 2016


It’s April, and that means it’s Target Beauty Box time! I can see why Princess is so obsessed with sample boxes – now I am too! One of the best things about the Target Beauty Box is that it arrives so quickly! Princess ordered it on Monday and on Friday…

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