Make a Natural Wood Teether


Ever since I changed my child care space to be more natural I’ve wanted to get some natural wood teethers. I browsed Etsy several times, but every time I started to click the Buy Now button a little voice in my head would scream “What are you doing, you crazy…

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Save Money on Halloween Costumes


Halloween can be an expensive holiday, and costumes usually top the list of expenses. Over the years we’ve found ways to keep costume expenses to a minimum – when you’ve got six kids finding ways to cut costs is a matter of survival! Here are some tips to help you…

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Make Basket Liners – DIY


As part of my Reggio-inspired environment transformation I wanted to add baskets to the diaper cubbies so they’d look nicer. The problem was that I couldn’t find baskets the right size, and any that were close to the right size were too expensive. Pinterest to the rescue! I saw twine-wrapped…

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Makeup Brush Roll – DIY


My poor Mary Kay makeup brush roll – you’ve obviously seen better days. To be blunt, you’re looking downright shabby. But I love you so much, how can I just get rid of you? You’re the perfect size and shape for my makeup brushes… I’ll never find another makeup brush…

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Make Kids Pajama Pants

Teacher and I were in JoAnns, picking out fabric for reusable gift bags, when he spied a Cars Christmas flannel. Little Guy loves is obsessed with the movie Cars and all things Cars. His past three birthdays have been Cars themed, he’s dressed as Lightening McQueen for Halloween, and has…

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Make Reusable Gift Bags

The other day I showed you how to make reusable cloth gift bags. After I finished the gift bag and had the photos taken I put everything away and headed up to bed. But I wasn’t feeling my usual sense of accomplishment. Then the little voice in my head spoke…

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Make Cloth Gift Bags

If you’re looking for ways to “green up” your holidays, cloth gift bags are a great idea! They may not be as much fun to rip open as wrapping paper, but they don’t make as big a mess and can be used again, and again, and again. Besides, it’s so…

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Starting and Finishing a Serged Seam

I grew up with a sewing machine so starting and ending a seam with backstitching is second nature to me. When I got my first serger I was dumbfounded to learn that sergers don’t go backwards. If you can’t go backward how do you keep a serged seam from unravelling?…

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Beth’s Appliques

The other day I posted a photo of a soccer appliqued pillowcase one of my readers had made using my How to Applique tutorial. At the end of the post I invited everyone else to submit applique photos for me to show off, and Beth took me up on the…

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Soccer Appliqué Pillowcase

A while ago I posted a tutorial showing how to appliqué. My goal was to help others learn how to appliqué, but I received something from the post too; I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many of you through your questions and comments.   One of my readers,…

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