Another Easy Photo Ornament Gift Idea

Every year I have the child care kiddos make Christmas gifts for their parents, usually something “big” and a photo ornament. One year the photo ornaments were based on blank wood cut-outs but this time I went even simpler and started with a craft foam kit.

True confession: I don’t always try projects out ahead of time to make sure they work. Sometimes that’s OK, sometimes it’s a train wreck. This time I did make a sample one, and I’m VERY glad I did!

The kit came with precut foam pieces and “peel off glue dots” which sound super-easy, but are a nightmare with toddlers who don’t have enough small muscle control to peel the dots off, much less get them off their fingers. When I can’t peel the paper off a glue dot it’s a pretty good indication that the kiddos won’t be able to either.

Regular glue doesn’t stick on craft foam so I pulled out the trusty bottle of Aileen’s Tacky Glue. The bows came in two pieces so I assembled them ahead of time, then I let the children decorate their wreaths with the sequins and put the bow wherever they wanted. I glued the photos to the back of the wreaths and wrote each child’s name and the year on the back, then threaded the cord in the holes and tied it. Hint: You can save time by gluing on both sides then laying items on a wire rack to dry rather than gluing just one side at a time.

I think they turned out really cute!


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