Chicago 2013 – Part Seven


Finally the time I’d been most looking forward to on this trip arrived – lunch at the mall! I know it sounds silly, but I’m not talking about any old lunch at any old place at any old mall.   I’m talking about authentic Mexican food from Taqueria Doña Ana!…

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Chicago 2013 – Part Six


Saturday morning dawned sunny and beautiful – perfect weather for Great America! But first we have to get through our performance.   Like most group trips, there’s a lot of “hurry up and wait” involved in the Chicago trips, but it wasn’t too long before we were on the bus…

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Chicago 2013 – Part Five


We arrived at the Art Institute and crowded into the group reception area so the guard could go through his spiel. Look – that’s one of our Js on the far left! Both Teacher and I love the Art Institute and were super-excited about going there this year.   Teacher…

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Chicago 2013 – Part Four


It was a quick drive from Chinatown to our clinic at VanderCook College of Music, Chuck’s alma mater. I had my camera ready to take photos as we approached, but our bus driver went in the “back way” so we were there before I realized it. Oops!   The first…

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Chicago 2013 – Part Three


Apparently the place we had lunch the last two times we were in Chinatown had gone out of business, so this year we ate at House of Fortune. The restaurant itself wasn’t as big as the other place, but the food was just as good. As usual, Chuck had ordered…

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Chicago 2013 – Part Two

  When the bus slowed I surfaced from my book and noticed that there was a LOT more traffic. We’re getting closer!   And there’s one of my favorite sights; the Chicago skyline. Get out of the way truck; can’t you see I’m trying to take a picture here?  …

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Chicago 2013 – Part One


Early Thursday morning I woke up and rolled over to look blearily at the clock. “4:40 AM. At this time tomorrow I’ll be on the bus. I am SO glad it’s not tomorrow.” I rolled over again and went back to sleep.   Every year when I’m getting ready for…

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Here We Go Again – Chicago 2013


Guess where Teacher and I are… Come on, guess! Here’s a hint…   Yup, we’re on our way to Chicago again!   Once again I’m planning to take lots of photos and chronicle the entire experience or at least a good deal of it but in the meantime I thought…

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Chicago 2012 – Part Nine

Every year we stop at the same mall to have lunch before hitting Great America. This Taqueria opened a couple of years ago and it’s been something I look forward to every year.   Mmmmm… I got Barbacoa and Carnitas aka slow roasted beef and pulled pork tacos; Mexican style,…

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Chicago 2012 – Part Eight

By this time we were all ready for the hotel. Come on traffic – I’m SO ready to get comfortable!   Finally – our hotel room. Time to get comfy, find a snack, then hit the hay; it’s been a big day. Tomorrow will be just as busy, and starts…

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