Chicago 2012 – Part Eight

Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Chicago TrafficBy this time we were all ready for the hotel. Come on traffic – I’m SO ready to get comfortable!


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Hotel RoomFinally – our hotel room. Time to get comfy, find a snack, then hit the hay; it’s been a big day. Tomorrow will be just as busy, and starts early – Ugh!


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - CoffeeMmmm… Coffee! You know I’ll need that tomorrow morning. With coffee and a chocolate muffin I may survive the morning.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - BreakfastBreakfast time – come and get it kids! Save a chocolate muffin for me, or things will get U.G.L.Y.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Jo-BearJo-Bear looks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. He must get it from his Dad; he certainly doesn’t get it from me.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - BusBefore long we were back on the bus, headed for our competition. How can these kids be so wide awake so early?


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - In the Parking LotWe arrived ahead of schedule and had the kids get their instruments out and wait until we had a plan.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Parking Lot AgainThey look pretty sharp considering we never practiced standing at attention. There’s the trumpet with summer marching band experience again. Once you’ve got it, you never lose it!


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - PercussionistsThe percussionists are a little lax, but at least they’re not tapping on anything… at the moment.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - StringsHi Strings! I feel bad that I don’t know them very well. They rehearse Monday nights so I never get a chance to work with them.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Photo OneSince we’d arrived so early we decided to take our traditional photo before performing, instead of after like we usually do.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Photo TwoI gave my camera to Teacher so I could be in the photo See me? Look for red hair and a purple shirt waaaaay in the back.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Photo ThreeTeacher had lots of fun taking photos… maybe too much fun?


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Photo FourI think this is as good as it’s gonna get; it’s hard to get so many people to all look good at the same time.

Pretty soon it was time for the Strings to warm up. I took the Band into the auditorium to listen to some of the other groups. We saw an amazing high school band perform, then our Strings played, then it was time for us to warm up. Hoo boy, here we go…


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Warm-Up TimeWarm-up time flies by twice as fast as normal time; many years we barely get seated and tune the instruments before we’re called to the stage.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Warm-Up AgainThis year we were able to run through each piece once before we had to go. Wish us luck!


The kids played well, but we won’t find out the results until the 5:30 Awards Ceremony in Six Flags.


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - Back to the BusFirst we had to change clothes, grab some lunch, then get to the park. This year we only had one bus so the girls went first, then the boys. Wanna guess who took longer?!

Come on, boys, I’m hungry!


Chicago 2012 Part Eight - They're Done ChangingJust as I was about to threaten the boys that I was coming on the bus in two minutes – ready or not – they were done. Whew, just in time!

More to come…
Amy Sue

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