Tips for Great Smartphone Photos

Today guest author Shannon from Aura Frames shares some tips for taking fantastic photos with your smartphone. I know how to decent smartphone photos, but thanks to Shannon’s tips my photos are going to be better from now on! In the age of Instagram, everyone thinks they’re the world’s greatest…

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Create Emoji Stickers Online


Today we welcome guest author Joy, who’s going to introduce us to Labely Emojis. I played around on the site for a while and the emojis are easy and fun to make! FYI, I didn’t receive any compensation for posting this article. Emojis are more than just cute, visual substitutes…

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8 Mom-Approved Tech Tips for Families

Happy young family using a laptop computer together to browse the internet or social media as they relax together on a sofa at home, parents and a pretty little girl

It’s tough to communicate with tech-zombie children who are constantly plastered to a screen. In fact, one study reports that children are so engrossed in technology that, 50% of the time, they completely ignore their parents when they come home from work, according to Psychology Today. The good news? Technology…

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Copyright Woes


I started writing this over 2 years ago but was so upset by the whole situation that I had to set it aside. Enough time has passed now that I can finally talk about it without feeling sick to my stomach.   A couple of weeks ago I opened a…

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Get Connected


Can’t get enough happy-craziness? Connect with My Happy Crazy Life wherever you are online – I follow back! My Happy Crazy Life on Facebook My Happy Crazy Life on Instagram My Happy Crazy Life on Pinterest My Happy Crazy Life on Twitter You can also connect with me here: Amy…

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May I Have Your Attention, Please

Attention, attention, may I have your attention please! Thank you.   I am pleased heck with that – thrilled – to announce the redesign of my child care website! Drumroll please…   Ta da!! My most recent favorite designer, Jeff of, created it for me.   Not only is…

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Snowfyre Web Solutions Rocks

Last year I decided it was time to update the logo I’d been using for my child care business since I opened in 1998. It outdated and poor quality a scan of a stamped image and I was ready for something new. Being a do-it-yourself kind of gal I started…

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Dedicated Servers and Chocolate Cake

When I think of dedicated servers I think of chocolate cake. I know it sounds weird so let me explain…   Most internet users, including online business owners, don’t know what a “dedicated server” is, or why they might want to consider one for their online business. I didn’t either…

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Timing Tweets for Phantom Facebooking

One of the challenges of running an online business in addition to working a “9 to 5” job is finding time to market your business around daytime work hours. Currently Facebook and Twitter are two of the hottest ways to market, but how can you promote your online business when…

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Call Me a Slow Learner

Go ahead, I won’t be upset. About two years ago my Toshiba laptop bit the dust. I freaked out, worrying that all of our family photos since 1998 had been lost. Stupidly I hadn’t printed all of them, uploaded them to Flickr, made back-ups, or any of the other sensible…

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