May I Have Your Attention, Please

Attention, attention, may I have your attention please!

Thank you.


I am pleased heck with that – thrilled – to announce the redesign of my child care website!

Drumroll please…


New Design Screenshot
Ta da!!

My most recent favorite designer, Jeff of, created it for me.


Not only is Jeff a talented designer with unbelievably reasonable prices, he’s an absolute saint! I can’t tell you how many versions he proposed only to have me respond with “just a couple i.e. a whole list of changes…” The poor man!

I felt so guilty every time I asked him to make a change, but when all was said and done he said he enjoyed working with me and would gladly work with me again. He’s either lying through his teeth, or really was a saint in a past life. In any case, I’ll definitely contact him the next time I need some graphic design done.


So, what do you think? Leave your comments below and I’ll pass them on to Jeff; I’m sure he’d love to hear them!
Amy Sue

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