Mother’s Day Craft – Candles


Spoiler alert! If you’re the mother of a child enrolled in my child care program you may want to skip this post for now and come back after you open your Mother’s Day gift. Just a thought… Everyone else feel free to keep reading for a fantastic Mother’s Day craft…

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Make a Waldorf Hand Kite


About a year ago I made some major changes in my child care environment to give it a Reggio-Inspired feel. Throughout the process I did a LOT of research online and made a HUGE list of ideas to revisit and incorporate as time and money allowed. One of the things…

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A Day with Tom Copeland


If you’re in family child care for any length of time it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll discover Tom Copeland. I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of him, but it must’ve been shortly after I started doing child care. Tom Copeland is a celebrity in family child…

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Teaching Responsibility

Parents often wonder “How can I get my children to take care of their things and help around the house without arguing or complaining?” That’s a great question! It’s important for children to be responsible for certain tasks in the home aka “chores” or “contributions to the family”. In fact,…

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Respecting Individual Differences


Many of the mysteries of behavior can be summed up in one short sentence: Children are unique! Beyond the obvious physical characteristics of hair and eye color lie individual differences in temperament, preferences, and personality. Even though these differences aren’t as obvious, they can be observed early in a baby’s…

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Tempting Toys


Finding the right toy is a huge challenge considering how many thousands of toys are available in our local stores and online. Pretty packaging and slick commercials only muddy the waters.   Toys are tempting, not only to children but to adults as well.Toys with sounds and lights are fun…

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Kalahari Resort Upgrade!


When I called to reserve a room at the Kalahari Resort for the WECA Conference I chose a Hut room because we could get a discount for being part of the Conference, and because Teacher and I don’t need anything fancy. Shortly before the Conference I happened to mention to…

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A Peek into the 2013 WECA Conference


Another WECA Conference has come and gone, and a good time was had by all. Or at least by Teacher and I! I wasn’t in a picture-taking mood this year, but I did snap a couple of photos: Lisa Murphy aka the Ooey Gooey Lady was keynote speaker on Friday.…

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WECA Conference 2013 – Here We Come!


I know it’s hard to believe, considering how much I hate early mornings, but by the time this post goes live – 6:00 am – Teacher and I will have been up for two hours and on the highway for over an hour. Why? Because we’re on our way to…

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