Homemade Mother’s Day Card 2015

Yes, I realize it’s 2016, not 2015.

But just like the Mother’s Day Craft Keychains we made last year that I didn’t have time to write about, I didn’t have time to write about last year’s Mother’s Day cards either.

But they were so cute I wanted to share them with you, even if they’re a year late. I hope you don’t mind!

Homemade Mother's Day Card 2015 - HandprintsI found this idea on Pinterest too. What did we ever do before Pinterest?!

Start by tracing your child’s hand on a folded piece of paper, so that the thumb and index finger are on the fold. Cut out in such a way that the area between the thumb and index finger forms a heart.


Homemade Mother's Day Card 2015 - GluingI put out a variety of bright colors and let the children choose what color they wanted for card and for handprint.


Homemade Mother's Day Card 2015 - GluingHave the child glue the handprint to the front of the card. I love the “Tongue of Concentration” on LJ!


Homemade Mother's Day Card 2015 - InsideOn the inside, have your child glue a photo of him/herself, and a copy of this poem:

Hand in Hand we will be,
Together Forever
You and Me.

If you have nicer handwriting than I do you could write the poem inside the card, or if your child is older it would be really special for him/her to write the poem. But since my handwriting is atrocious and my kiddos too young to write I printed the poem.

You could also have the child sign his/her name on the card. My kiddos’ signature looks like squiggles, but that’s what they’re supposed to be doing at this age.

There – you’re done! Aside from letting the glue dry, it probably took me longer to explain how to make these Mother’s Day cards and fix my typos than it takes to actually make them!

Amy Sue

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