Goodbye Sweet Kippy


I’ve been putting off writing this post because it’s easier to write about happy things like grandchildren or things that aren’t emotional like Beauty Boxes, but it needs to be written. Our sweet kitty Kipling died about a month ago. At first we didn’t know Kippy was sick. I’d seen…

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Oh No – I Killed the Kitten!

When we got Kippy Angel Face was four – at that age where she was almost ready to give up naps but not quite. I was at that age where I was definitely NOT ready for her to give them up! Thinking I could bribe her into napping with the…

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Meet Punkin!


Guess what – I’m a grandma again! OK, I’ve been a grandma again for a while – 18 months or so – but I don’t feel guilty about not introducing you to Punkin earlier. When I announced Caesar Boy I felt guilty, but since then my perspective changed. I used…

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Desperately Seeking Millwork

Teacher and I love the 1920s floor we uncovered and by “we” I mean “he and Jonah”, but aren’t sure what kind of wood it is. I think it’s maple, but I have no reason to think that except it sounds like a nice kind of wood to me. One…

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Bennett Kit Home – Flanders


Several years ago when the house needed to be repainted Teacher and I decided it was time to change the grey/burgundy/cream color scheme. The house was built in 1922 and we both love 1920s Craftsman style so Teacher suggested I search online to see what colors 1920s bungalows were painted.…

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Day Five


My biggest fear about tearing up all the flooring was that the kitchen and dining room wouldn’t be put back together again until the last minute and I’d spend Sunday night running around like crazy to get things ready for the children to arrive Monday morning. But Thursday morning I…

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How I Spent my Summer Vacation – Day Three


Tuesday was a busy day: swimming lessons in the morning, a dentist appointment for me in the afternoon, and the neighborhood’s annual block party at night. Even though Teacher and I were busy, Jo-Bear found time to work on the stairs. This is the ugly tile we inherited when we…

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