DIY Plant Markers with Shrinky Dinks


Shrinky Dinks! Shrinky Dinks! Shrinky Dinks! When I was a kid we never did Shrinky Dinks. I have no idea why; it’s just one of those things we never did. Of course that means that ever since I was a kid I’ve thought that Shrinky Dinks were one of the…

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Anniversary Picnic Invitations


Obviously the first thing you need to do when you’re planning a party is send out invitations. Otherwise no one would come, and a party without guests is just sad. Since early June is prime graduation and wedding season Mom was worried that people might commit to another event before…

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An Anniversary Picnic


My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary is this June. My Mom started planning their party about a month ago, but being a middle child who wants to make everyone happy, she kept changing her mind and driving my poor dad crazy. Yes Teacher, this is where I get it from. I…

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For the Rest of My Life – Redux


This post was first published on June 23, 2010 and is being reposted because my parents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year. I was a young teen when my grandparents celebrated their 50th, and thought that 50 years was such a loooooooong time. But now that I’m all…

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Meeting Gordon Korman


When Angel Face was a kid Teacher and I took her to see one of her favorite authors, Kate DiCamillo. I’d never met a “real live” author so I was as excited as Angel Face was. During the presentation Ms. DiCamillo talked about her newest book, The Tale of Desperaux,…

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A Baby Shower for Princess


Princess never got a baby shower when she was expecting Peanut because she decided to arrive early probably the only time she’s hurried in her whole life, then with all of the holiday craziness it just never got rescheduled. So this time around Auntie Elle was determined to throw Princess…

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I Have a Confession…


I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad grandma. I have a third grandchild besides Peanut and Love Bug that I’ve never told you about: Love Bug’s little brother, Caesar Boy.   Not posting about Caesar Boy wasn’t a deliberate oversight – it just kind of happened. How does something like that…

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That’s not a Toy Mouse


The night started off like any other – I was settled down in my rocking chair watching TV and nursing Z-Man to sleep. He was such a good baby at bedtime, all I had to do was nurse and cuddle him for about half an hour and by 10:00 he…

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How To Make an Ornament Wreath


This year Santa left an HGTV magazine in my stocking and I fell in love with the Ornament Wreath in one of the articles. After Christmas Teacher aka the best husband ever and I hit the after-Christmas sales and bought some Christmas ornament sets at 60-70% off.   We spent…

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We’ve been Ghosted!


We moved onto our street the fall of 1999 and absolutely love it. Not only are the houses some of the prettiest in the neighborhood, but the neighbors are very friendly, for the most part, and many socialize with each other throughout the year. Every August we hold a Block…

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