Well, That Didn’t Work

We don’t have an office, and since I spend most of the day in the kitchen, dining room and play room, the kitchen counter ends up being a mini-office. A very messy mini-office.

Organizer - I’ve tried a couple of things to contain the clutter – keeping most of my To Do pile in a kitchen drawer instead of on the counter, getting the plastic drawers for pens and pencils, etc – but the counter still ends up piled high with stuff.

So I decided to spend my Scholastic points on a desktop organizer. My plan was to use the top two drawers for all the stuff that’s in the plastic drawers and the bottom four drawers for Teacher, me, Angel Face and the younger boy’s stuff.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.


Organizer - PlansAll the kiddos were sleeping on the day it arrived something I can’t always count on and I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like, so I decided to put it together right way.

It wasn’t as easy as it looked.


Organizer - SnickersEven with Snicker’s help.


Organizer - Balancing ActMost of the pieces were held together with little wooden pegs inserted into pre-drilled holes. The fun part is that the holes went all the way through the vertical middle pieces so the pegs fell all the way down if I wasn’t careful.

Or maybe the fun part was trying to balance the shelves on the vertical middle pieces and keep them from falling while inserting pegs into the ends of the horizontal shelves then into the vertical sides all at the same time.

Or maybe the fun part was having the whole thing fall apart like a house of cards when I was this close to getting the second side put together.


Organizer - SuccessOr maybe the fun part was when it was done.

Yes, that was definitely the fun part.


Organizer - DoneI know the fun part was not when I put it on the counter, filled it up with all the clutter, then decided it was too big for the space and I hated it there.

Now it’s in Angel Face’s closet, waiting for a more permanent home in her future classroom.

And I’m back to looking for ways to contain the clutter.

Amy Sue

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