Meet Punkin!

Guess what – I’m a grandma again!

OK, I’ve been a grandma again for a while – 18 months or so – but I don’t feel guilty about not introducing you to Punkin earlier.

When I announced Caesar Boy I felt guilty, but since then my perspective changed. I used to think that not writing about Caesar Boy and Punkin right away somehow meant that they weren’t important, but I was wrong.

Actually, they’re so important that I’ve been spending time with them instead of staring at a computer screen. Cuddling, playing, laughing, loving – nothing is more important than that!


Meet Punkin - Me Holding Newborn PunkinNow that I’ve got that off my chest, meet Punkin, our youngest grandchild! Isn’t she precious?!


Meet Punkin - Teacher Holding Newborn PunkinNothing melts my heart like seeing Teacher with one of the kids or grandkids. He’s such a great Dad and Grandpa!


Meet Punkin - Peanut Holding PunkinLook how much Peanut has grown. She was in first grade here, and Punkin was about 6 months old. Peanut is a fantastic big sister who adores her little sister, and the feeling is mutual.


Meet Punkin - Ceasar Boy and PunkinCeasar Boy has grown too! He’s about 4 1/2 here and Punkin was just over 1. They get to spend lots of cousin time together in my child care.


Meet Punkin - Punkin and MeI love seeing her every day too. We’re so lucky to have our grandchildren so close that we can see them often.


Meet Punkin - Punkin Chocolate FaceGrandkids are the best!

Amy Sue

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