End of Vacation – the Final Hours

While we were window shopping downtown Angel Face had seen a shirt she wanted to get before we went home. After visiting the light house we headed downtown so she could get her shirt.


Public Safety TruckAfter parking the first thing we saw was a Public Safety vehicle. Angel Face insisted on having her photo taken with it. I think she wanted it for her Facebook.


Old Car and Jo-BearWe didn’t realize there was an antique car show going on. Jo-Bear thought this old truck was really cool.


CameroAngel Face has flashier tastes.


Granny CarZ-Man and Little Guy were excited by this antique because it’s like the “grandma car in Cars!”


Wild Van FrontOn the way back to our van we saw this one. I don’t know how we missed it the first time…


Wild Van SideSimply amazing…


Wiild Van Other SideI really don’t know what to say… and that’s not at all like me!


Miss Lisa'sOne last place we had to visit before going home is Miss Lisa’s.


Miss Lisa'sMiss Lisa’s isn’t fancy, but it’s cheap – and yummy!


Jo-Bear with Ice CreamJo-Bear was too young to remember, but Miss Lisa’s was our favorite ice cream place when we lived in Grand Haven.


Angel Face with Ice CreamI wonder if Angel Face remembers her carpool driver occasionally stopping at Miss Lisa’s on the way home from school.


Teacher with Ice CreamDuring the summer Teacher used to suggest Miss Lisa’s as a special treat after we’d been to the beach.


Boys with Ice CreamThe little boys are just happy to have ice cream.

“Finish up guys, it’s time to hit the road!”

Amy Sue

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  1. I remember the carpooler stopping for Miss Lisa’s and I think I might even remember who that carpooler was.

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