End of Vacation – Going Home


Z-Man AsleepI think our busy weekend in Grand Haven wore the kids out; Z-Man didn’t make it half an hour on the highway.


Little Guy AsleepNeither did Little Guy…


Angel Face AsleepOr Angel Face…

Or Jo-Bear for that matter, but the photo of him was all blurry.


MeI’m awake though!


BridgeTeacher decided to follow the GPS directions on the way home instead of our normal route. It took us over this really neat bridge.


Metal StructureAnd past this really cool something-or-other.

Does anyone know what this is? And why are there little houses on top of it?


Chicago SkylineOne of my favorite scenes: the Chicago skyline.


Z-Man AwakeOh look, Z-Man is awake! And he has a McDonald’s Happy Meal box on his head.



Jo-Bear AwakeJo-Bear’s awake too. I think he’s gonna be a heart-breaker when he gets older.


Little Guy AwakeLittle Guy is awake, and trying to figure out how to make a Happy Meal hat like his big brother’s.

It’s great that my kids can amuse themselves with virtually nothing – even if the stuff they come up with is weird.


Angel Face HidingAngel Face is awake too, but doing her ostrich imitation.


Angel Face SmilingThere’s that pretty face.

I can out-stubborn any of my kids.


HomeAlmost home – hurry up, train, I’m so ready to be out of the car.


Back to normal life…

Amy Sue

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