Mail Call!

One of the best things about being a sewing WAHM (Work at Home Mom) is getting packages in the mail. I’m as hyper as a kid waiting for Santa when I know there’s a package on the way. I watch for the mailman Sorry – mail carrier all morning, popping my head out the door numerous times until the mail arrives. When there’s a package I grab it and dance through the house to the kitchen counter where I tear it open in a flash. If it’s something more exciting than hemp fabric I examine every inch of whatever-it-is then show it off to whoever is around to see it. Hemp is nice enough stuff, but it’s pretty boring.Since the mail generally arrives between 10-11, Little Guy and Z-Man are the lucky ones I show off to most often. Little Guy usually isn’t impressed although he’ll try to eat whatever-it-is if I let him. Z-Man shows a little more interest, especially if it’s something he thinks he can play with.

Last week I got an exciting box in the mail…
Big Box

When I read the return label I squealed in delight – it was the “freebies” I’d ordered from Frost Fish Cove Soaps. Opening the box I was greeted with the most incredible scent of lavender, tangerine, and something I can only describe as “fresh”. Nothing like the artificial chemical scents that surround us most of the time.
Inside the Big Box

I dug around in the styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap to find each little treasure. I’d ordered Herbal Laundry Soap and Ultra Salve, then let Tory choose a scent for bath salts and finally put in whatever she thought would be good. She chose Lavender Vanilla for the bath salts – one of my favorite scents – and rounded out the order with Honey Almond Lotion.

Of course I need to test each of these products before I send them out. I think I’ll do some laundry, then maybe take a bath…
Laundry Soap

Amy Sue

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