Nekkie Bottom Girl

When you work with kids you can bet on a steady diet of laughs and surprises.


If you’re lucky you’ll get both at the same time.


The other day I got lucky – the girls surprised me and made me laugh so hard I cried.


I went to the bathroom for a moment when you’re the only adult in a houseful of kids you learn to pee quickly and came out to see Peanut toddling Frankenstein-style through the dining room, her bottom half totally nekkid.




I did a classic double-take and stood frozen with surprise; up to now Peanut hadn’t shown any interest in taking her clothes off so this was the last thing I expected to see.


As my brain was wrapping itself around the puzzle of how and why Peanut was half-nekkie G came toddling through the dining room as fast as her chubby legs would go, waving Peanut’s diaper over her head and babbling at the top of her lungs. Luckily the diaper was just damp and not poo-ey; that would have been a catastrophe! I could just imagine what she was trying to say:

“Wait! You forgot something! Hey! Come back – I’ve got your diaper!”


Peanut just kept on truckin’ and didn’t look back.


I cracked up laughing and reached for my camera but by the time I had it they were both long gone.


After I retrieved the diaper from G, I scooped up Peanut and took her to the changing table. As I was putting a new diaper on her G returned with a twinkle in her blue eyes and a big grin on her face, waving Peanuts pants over her head. She seemed very proud of herself but I’m not sure if it was because she found Peanut’s discarded clothing or because she was the one to disrobe Peanut in the first place.


I’d lay odds that it was a joint effort.


Troublemakers When YoungerWho would’a thunk that in just a few months these two cuties would be such troublemakers?


Family child care – never a dull moment.
Amy Sue


  1. OMGoodness! I had not heard this story… My bet is G had everything to do with it. She’s been attempting to take her own diaper off frequently and is starting to get embarassed when she poos in her diaper.
    Too funny!

    • Sara,

      I thought Sam told you, and I totally think G helped out.

      I *so* wish I could have gotten a photo; it was one of the funniest – and cutest – things I’ve ever seen.

      ~Amy Sue

  2. Ha ha ha!!! So funny…!!! Kids do the darndest things!!

    Brings back great memories of my kiddies doing crazy things too.

    Peace and light
    Elissa Joy

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