Excuse the random code, I’m once again trying to prove to Technorati that I own My Happy Crazy Life. Hopefully this time it’ll believe me…


Maybe if I put the code in a lot of times it’ll help…


If this doesn’t do it I’ll need y’all to send tons of emails telling them that I am indeed the owner of this blog. Maybe they’ll believe you…

Crossing fingers.

” My Happy Crazy Life- http://www.myhappycrazylife.com/
Feb 25, 2010. We are evaluating your claim. It may take quite some time for evaluation.”

It’s looking hopeful!

Crossing fingers and toes.

I wonder how long “quite some time” is.

Crossing fingers, toes and eyes.

I hope it’s not long, I can’t keep this up forever.

Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, and legs. Looking very silly. Hoping no-one takes a picture.

Amy Sue


  1. while you are at it, cross all the paws of the cats (good luck with that) and take a picture (even better luck with that one)…LOLOLOLOL!!!

  2. Hiya, Amy Sue! I just HAD to stop by and see what the topic could possibly be, when I saw NMRE49KRMM9K on my screen.

    And you’re right… you look pretty darned silly like that!

  3. P.S.: (I thought maybe College Boy had changed his name)

    • Hey Doc, thanks for stopping by! As far as I know College Boy goes by the same name as always. But if he were to change it he’d probably pick something geeky. He’s kinda like that. (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!) ;o)

      ~Amy Sue

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