I took a pregnancy test this past Sunday, and it was positive. OMG!!!! What a surprise!!!

Teacher and I just decided a few weeks ago that we were content with five children and were looking forward to more time together as they got older. But last week I started having this “feeling”… if you’ve been pregnant before you’ll know what I mean. After 6 pregnancies (5 children, one miscarriage) I just “knew” that something was up. I waited impatiently for Sunday to arrive – the day I’d be late. I took the test, and – OMG – it was positive!

I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, children are a blessing and we’re happy to be having another one. But there’s the worry about where to put a 6th child in our 4 bedroom house… And our van only seats 7… And I was making plans to go back to school to work toward a Masters degree in music… And we were having more time alone together… And… And… And…

On the other hand, maybe we’ll have another girl to even things out… And I’m looking forward to cloth diapering a newborn for the first time… And I love breastfeeding – Z-Man weaned himself before I was ready so I can try to go longer with this one… And the older children will just LOVE another baby… And… And… And…

So our plans change again, and we begin another unplanned journey. I can’t wait to see where we end up this time!

Amy Sue

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