Something new: Semi-customs!

I’m trying something new – semi-custom diapers!

I chose PUL and micro colors then designed and stitched the adorable appliques on. But then I couldn’t decide: Pocket or Snap in soaker? Snap or Touchtape? I’d hate to put so much time and effort into a diaper then have someone say “If only it was touchtape…” or “If only it wasn’t a pocket…” So I thought I’d try semi-customs. They’re all large sizes, but customers can choose closure type and pocket or snap-in soaker. How smart am I?!

I just posted the three fitteds I finished last week, plus the semi-customs. I still have another to photograph and post, and one more that I haven’t started sewing yet – maybe next week… In the meantime I hope something sells!! (crossing fingers…)

Amy Sue

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