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According to Wikipedia, Serendipity is “is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.” Like when I was searching in my coat pocket for a tissue and found a twenty. Yippee!

The artisans of Lily Pad Landing have adopted the idea of serendipity for our fifth Thursday stockings. Unlike our regular stockings which have previews beforehand and go live at 9pm, a Serendipity stocking is a surprise stocking. Items don’t preview, they just go live at random times throughout the day. So you could be browsing, refresh the page, and suddenly something appears that wasn’t there before. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I know that we’re all busy and even though we may want to spend a day on the computer, our kiddos need to be fed, changed, played with and cuddled too, so I’m giving hints as to when my items will stock. Besides, I gotta reward all my loyal newsletter and blog readers, right?

All the answers to these hints can be found somewhere in my blog…
1- How many greenish stones are in my non-Valentine’s Day gift, plus 1?
2- How many of my family members have blue eyes?
3- How many white and pink boxes do I need to be Gaw-geus?

Serendipity to you,
Amy Sue


  1. Question: are you counting the people you think/want to have blue eyes but really have grey?

  2. Ha-ha, they’re all BLUE! ;o)

    ~Amy Sue

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