Will You or Will You Not Dress Your Cat Up?

Today we have a guest post by Sarah, who’s crazy about pets. This post reminds me of when I was a kid and my best friend Betsy and I would dress her Siamese cat, Sassy, in doll clothes. Sassy would tolerate us for a while, then run away and hide. I think she was more upset about being wrapped in blankets as our “baby” than about the clothes.

Our darling pets can be our world. The tickle of whiskers or the happy yips of a dog is all we need to make our day. We are just as glad to see them, as they are to see us! For years now, pets have donned a more human-like appearance, and many can be seen wearing shirts, bows, hats, and even little boots. While some of these items may use for the skin or feet issues, most of the time, it is because their loving owners think that they look adorable. So, the question is, should you dress up your cat?

Need vs Want
Many owners should consider alternate ideas about dressing up their pet. Tiny, shivering Chihuahuas might need a sweater or jacket of some sort, but a long-haired cat might not be entirely thrilled with the idea. Some cats have to be clipped for surgery if they have a skin issue. They also might need some clothing to keep them warmer. There is a type of hairless cat called a Sphinx. They might appreciate clothing as well, depending on the temperature in their home or habitat.

For many owners, dressing up their dog or cat is especially fun. Many treat their pets as their children, and dressing them is part of the routine. Cat dislike restrictive clothing items on, and many will look and act uncomfortable because they are. Cats regularly bathe themselves too, and they can keep up their soft coats if they have items like shirts or even ridiculous items like yoga pants on. Before you consider dressing up your furry feline, ask yourself, do they need it?

Gauge the Reaction
If you are still considering dressing up your cat in the latest fashion, there is an easy way to determine if you should do so. The best way to know is to let your cat decide! Go ahead and place your furry friend in whatever outfit you have planned, and then gauge your animal’s reaction. If the cat refuses to walk, seem irritated, scratches at the clothing, hisses or any other sign of distress, it is letting you know it is uncomfortable. A weak reaction on the cat’s part should help you lean towards making the right choice.

Go with It
On the flip side, it may be a positive reaction. If the cat moves about freely and is purring or doesn’t seem bothered, it may prefer the extra warmth. It may be better if cats, or any animal, not to wear clothing all the time. Their skin and fur may need a chance to breathe for a spell before attempting another Hawaiian shirt or pink dress. There are some cat items such as soft sweaters or shirt-like clothing that is specially made to help the animal be comfortable and warm. If your cat seems to enjoy it, then you have their seal of approval.

The bottom line is, if your cat has a medical reason for needing extra warmth, or if they seem to enjoy it, then let the outfit shopping begin. The key is to see if your pet is comfortable. You know your pet well enough to tell if it hates the extra layer or if it is scared or uncomfortable. Sometimes we have to consider putting aside our fashionable desires and consider how your pet feels. They will be able to show you what they think of their Christmas sweater, and then you as the owner can decide if you should or should not dress up your cat.

sarahBio: Sarah is the author of Crazy Pet Guy. She feels that everyone should learn more about their pets and how they can take care of them better with proper education and awareness.

Thanks for that great article, Sarah!

Amy Sue

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