The Hamster has Left the Wheel

Hamster on WheelI’ve always been a procrastinator. I can remember my dad lecturing me when I was thirteen about how I had to set my priorities, stop procrastinating and get things done on time.

Now it’s mumble years later and I’m still struggling with this bad habit, but I’m ready to make a change. I’m tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel; WARNING: there’s sound! running like crazy but not getting anywhere.


I’m ready to stop procrastinating.


If you’ve known me for a while you’re probably laughing right now, but I really mean it.


I realize it won’t be easy because old habits are hard to break, but I also know that I’m stubborn as a mule bull I am a Taurus you know, and can do anything I put my mind to.

Not only do I believe I can do it, I’ve already started! I was going to make anti-procrastination my 2011 New Year’s resolution, then I realized that was procrastinating to wait until then so I kicked myself in the butt figuratively, not literally and decided to start today.


How am I going to break this bad habit? Well, I’m actually not sure. It’s deceptively easy to say “I’ll just start doing things right away” but if it were that easy I wouldn’t be a procrastinator, right?

The first step is to create accountability – that’s partly why I’m writing about my new goal – I can’t very well continue boldly procrastinating if people know I’ve vowed to stop, right? If you see or hear me procrastinating please smack me upside the head gently and kindly remind me of my vow- if that doesn’t work, go ahead and smack me.

Next I’m going to make a list of the things I’ve been putting off: cleaning the refrigerator, organizing the fruit cellar, taking the boys’ summer clothes to the attic, etc. Once I decide when I can do each task I’ll think of a little reward for when the task is done. Like reading a chapter of my new book when the refrigerator is clean. Hopefully each reward will be enough incentive for me to get the job done.


And that’s where I get stuck.

Aside from the list and relying on sheer stubbornness I’m not really sure how to break the procrastination habit. I know ways to STOP doing things, but how do you make sure you START doing things?


I think I need some help.

Do you have any ideas?

Have you ever procrastinated?

What tips or techniques help you stop procrastinating?

Amy Sue

Photo Credit: captainmcdan


  1. I do something about my procrastination…tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing that hamster video. I came home from work feeling just that way. 🙂

    • Trinity,

      LOL! I’m still fighting the “do something about… tomorrow” habit. It’s hard to break!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Have a great day!
      ~Amy Sue

  2. Lol next week is too soon…I’m on the wheel also but if i stop it will just carry on spinning and spit me off…I can’t stop

    • I know the feeling!

      On a topic related to your post – Princess had 5 hamsters and we never had mites, thank heavens! I never knew hamsters could get mites. Gross!

      Have a great day, and thanks for commenting!
      ~Amy Sue

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