Chicago 2012 – Part Nine

Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Favorite Lunch SpotEvery year we stop at the same mall to have lunch before hitting Great America. This Taqueria opened a couple of years ago and it’s been something I look forward to every year.


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - TacosMmmmm… I got Barbacoa and Carnitas aka slow roasted beef and pulled pork tacos; Mexican style, of course. Mexican style = onions and cilantro. American style = lettuce and cheese. Look at those avocado slices!


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - More TacosTeacher got Steak and Chorizo spicy pork sausage tacos; Mexican style also. Oh so yummy!


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Lightening McQueenAfter lunch we had a little time to walk around the mall and found a life-size Lightening McQueen car in the arcade.


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Lightening and TeacherSince Little Guy is still obsessed with Cars I thought he’d enjoy a photo of his dad with Lightening.

Then it was back to the bus, and on to Great America!


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Ready to PlayThe first thing is figuring out who’s going with who. There are squads and chaperones assigned for the trip, but the kids can switch groups as long as both sets of chaperones agree. Teacher had two boys in his squad, but we ended up with an additional four kids and an extra chaperone.


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Giant DropThe first ride they wanted to go on was the Giant Drop. I’m not a fan of heights, and had gone on the Edge many years ago so I opted to skip this one. The rest of the group and I went on the Ricochet similar to the Scrambler instead.


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Our Group on the Giant DropAre you guys ready for this?


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Waiting to go UpAre you sure?


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - FallingThere they are, caught in mid-fall! Sorry for the poor quality; I’m surprised I was able to catch them on the way down in the first place.

They said it was fun.

I’ll take their word for it.


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - WetThe kids wanted to go on the Roaring Rapids, and Teacher agreed to go with them. The other chaperone and I had a nice chat while we waited for the rest of our group to return. We go to the same church but hadn’t had a chance to get to know each other before this. I really enjoyed getting to know her and wish I’d done so earlier since her family is transferring to another church this fall.

But I digress…


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - Teacher is WetTeacher is so great – no matter what the kids want to ride he’s right there with them. I’m so lucky to have such a great guy!


Chicago 2012 Part Nine - UsWhat a great ending to a great two days!

I wonder what’ll happen during next year’s Chicago Trip…

Amy Sue

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