I Asked for It

I admit it’s totally my fault.


Buddy and Little GuyI took this adorable photo of Little Guy and Buddy watching the Backyardigans together.

Then I put my camera back on the kitchen counter and walked away.

See? Totally my fault for leaving my camera where Little Guy could reach it.


Little Guy and Buddy CloseApparently Little Guy wanted more pictures of himself with Buddy.

It’s actually kind of a cute photo, isn’t it?


Buddy on ChairAnd one of Buddy by himself.

The things this cat puts up with! I’m surprised he didn’t run away for dear life the moment Little Guy let go of him.


Freaky Close AgainI’m not quite sure what he’s doing here.


Up His NoseLook mom, no boogers!


One thing is certain – life is never boring with Little Guy around!
Amy Sue


v7n Contest


  1. Well the last one is better than one our grandson took of the poor dogs back end – very close up.

  2. Well at least we know he is fully stocked with nose hairs just waiting to do their job!


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