Peanut’s New High Chair

When we moved to Wisconsin over eleven years ago we needed a high chair for Jo-Bear to replace our old one that had died and been left behind. Auntie Elle came to the rescue; first lending, then giving us their high chair.


Ikea High Chair - My Old ChairHow I loved that high chair! The seat was small enough and had high enough sides that the kids couldn’t climb out, the tray went elbow to elbow and fit all the way up to the child’s belly to help keep food off the floor, and after tossing out the padded vinyl insert it was a dream to clean.

The day it broke I almost cried, until I realized I had an excuse to buy a new one!

That weekend I started my search for a replacement high chair. I didn’t think it would be hard; I didn’t want anything special, just a molded plastic seat that would be easy to clean and a decent meaning cheap price.

I quickly discovered that “simple” and “inexpensive” are not the current trends in baby items. I found reclining high chairs, padded frou-frou high chairs, expensive high chairs, chairs with entertainment built in, chairs that would do almost everything except feed and change your baby for you.

Where were the simple, plain high chairs?

Teacher, ever the long-suffering chauffeur, drove me from store to store to store. We hit all the department stores in the area, the resale stores and several rummage sales, but I couldn’t find what I wanted.

I posted on Facebook and someone suggested Ikea. We don’t have an Ikea in our area so I’ve never been to one, but many of my online friends rave about Ikea so I thought it was worth a try.

Finally insert the Hallelujah Chorus I found what I was looking for: a simple, plain, easy-to-clean, no-bells-and-whistles, inexpensive high chair: the Ikea Antilop.


Ikea High Chair in the BoxIt didn’t take long to arrive once I’d ordered it.

Hello, beautiful!


Ikea High Chair DirectionsI wanted “simple” and I got it – assembly couldn’t get much easier unless it came pre-assembled!


Ikea High Chair Assembly by Z-ManSo easy even a five year old can do it.


Ikea High Chair Assembly by Little GuySo easy even a three year old can do it!


Ikea High Chair Assembled - MostlyAlmost done, we just need to add the straps.


Ikea High Chair Checked Out by PeanutPeanut had to get into the action too. “What do you think of your new high chair, Peanut?”


Ikea High Chair with Peanut“Want to give it a try?”


Ikea High Chair - Does She Like it?I think that look means that she likes it. At least, that’s my interpretation of it.


What do you think?

Amy Sue

***Update April 2012 – IKEA has recalled certain Antilop high chairs because the safety straps could unexpectedly come open. Visit the IKEA Antilop recall page to see which high chairs are affected, and to find out how to get replacement straps.***



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  2. hello! Thanks for your post! I just need your help regarding the box/dimension of the antilop high chair (especially the stand). we are planning to buy it here in UAE & send to our home country. Thanks 🙂

    • Meilan,

      The base is 23″ front-to-back by 21″ side-to-side. It stands about 36″ tall, and where the tray is measures about 21″ front-to-back and 16″ side-to-side. As you can see from my first post, it comes unassembled in a BIG box.

      Let me know how you like it!

      ~Amy Sue

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