The Stupid Thing I Did

I did something really stupid last week, but I won’t tell you until you promise not to laugh…




Pinky swear!


Last Thursday night I was getting ready for bed and thinking about all the errands I had to run the next day. I’d taken Friday off to get ready for the Valley AEYC conference on Saturday.

As I was debating the most efficient route for errands I idly plucked a few stray hairs from my eyebrows. Then I thought, It’s been a while since they’ve been trimmed; I should trim them so they look nice for Saturday.” I grabbed my trimmer out of the cupboard, and since I couldn’t remember what number I usually use I decided to be safe and start on #5, then go shorter as needed.

With the trimmer in my right hand I traced the line of my left eyebrow beginning on the outside, and pulling away in a graceful arc near the center of my brow. As my line of vision cleared I stared dumbstruck at the bald spot where my eyebrow had been.


I’d been so careful to set the trimmer at 5, but hadn’t checked to make sure the guard was on!


I don’t know how long I stared dumbfounded at myself before I realized the true horror of what I’d done:
The next day I had to run errands in public with half of my eyebrow missing!
Saturday I had to help run a conference with half of my eyebrow missing!


I wanted to sink into the floor. I wanted to jump into bed, bury my head under the covers, and not come out until it grew back.


Then another terrible thought struck me: What if it NEVER GREW BACK?! My stomach sank clear down into the basement and my knees buckled at the thought.


I stumbled to the closet and grabbed a dark brown eyeliner. Maybe I can draw it back on! I hate the drawn-on-eyebrow look and never thought I’d ever sink so low, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I hadn’t shaved the eyebrow to the skin so I followed the stubble to recreate my natural browline. Stepping back I studied my reflection in the mirror… Not too bad. The shade wasn’t right, but IF I could find the right shade, and IF I could keep my bangs over that area, and IF I wore my glasses I might get away with it.


I climbed into bed next to Teacher and confessed my idiocy.

“Which one?” he asked, looking carefully at my face. “No-one will even notice,” he reassured me; You’re still beautiful.

Is it any wonder why I love this man so much?


The next day I found a black-brown eyeliner pencil that was the perfect shade and have been using it ever since.

So far Teacher’s been right; either no-one has noticed or they’ve all been too polite to say anything. Thanks for not saying anything, everyone!


So what’s the moral of the story?
– Don’t trim your eyebrows when you’ve got something else on your mind.
– If you trim your eyebrows when you’ve got something else on your mind, be sure the guard is in place.
– Better yet, leave the eyebrow trimming to a stylist; they’re trained professionals.


Have you done anything stupid lately that you’re willing to admit to? Come on, don’t be shy; I promise not to laugh. I’ll even pinky swear!

Amy Sue

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